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Applied Learning with Scratch: Mitch Resnick on TED

Below is a TED presentation by Mitch Resnick whose MIT team developed Scratch, an object-oriented programming language for kids.  Scratch is an engaging, flexible and easy-to-learn programming platform that can be used to create games, animations and simulations.  Scratch is included in every secondary school SmartLab and is supported by a full set of Level 1-3 Learning Launchers.

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Engagement is the Key to Learning

Thanks to Mike Berrill, Executive Principal of the Biddenham Internation School for this quote:

“If you can crack the problem of engagement – not just ‘are you paying attention?’, but ‘are you fascinated by this?’ – if you can crack engagement in deep learning then you’ve cracked 21st century schooling.”

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The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice

This video from TED sums up the SmartLab philosophy so well that I had to share it here.

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