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Colorado Elementary Schools Excited to Open New STEM Center

Swanson and Thompson Elementary schools in Arvada, Colorado, opened two new STEM Centers with great excitement this month. 

The SmartLabs will provide students with the opportunity to learn the many essential skills they will need to succeed in the future workforce.

Shannon Feely, Digital Teacher Librarian, told the students in the grand opening ceremony that their STEM skills could lead to a cure for cancer, an end to cyber bullying and a new way to protect oceans from pollution, thus empowering them to do great things. Teachers are already seeing big benefits, their students are becoming risk-takers and collaborators.

Students at these JeffCo Public Schools are equally excited, with many students voicing feelings of freedom, self-expression and exploration. Little do they know, this program will become a pathway for them to attain the required skills necessary for an unknown future economy.

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Soft Skill Development is Essential: Students Aren't Ready for the Workforce

Teacher, Trevor Muir, wrote a blog on a thought-provoking topic; soft-skills are not necessarily “soft”, they should be called “essential skills”. To support that, 5 of the main reasons millennials get fired is due to lacking these essential skills. 

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May 2019 Featured Products: The Padcaster Collection and The Sphero Bolt Collection

As our way of introducing new kits to our customers, we have been offering discounts on a new product each month so far this year. This month, we have TWO discounted products! 

The Padcaster Collection offers students the ability to shoot, edit and produce professional quality video using an iPad and green screen. With this kit, students can learn about the production process. Students also plan and share their stories, report news, teach their peers and much more! This kit is small enough so students can produce videos in a studio or in the field. Students experience the roles of director, producer, editor and anchor!

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