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A Little Bit of Structure Is Good

When we were shopping for houses, one must-have characteristic for the neighborhood was to hear laughter and children at play—happy to say we found it. Now, when we go outside it’s rare for us to see another human, let alone a group of kids playing.
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Learning Tips for All Parents (Now Educators)

Parents, welcome to the world of education! I know this is a crash course, but you’re not alone—we’re here to help you transition. As a career educator, I’ve worked on the front lines of education, and I rely on my training and education every day. You may not have the same resources I have, but since all parents have now become educators and every home is now a classroom, we all need to get up to speed. Let’s start!
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Good Learning Is Good Learning

Change is constant in education. Fads, philosophies, or software come along and promise to revolutionize the education landscape but few of those changes have a lasting impact. We’ve seen the rise of standards, of STEM, and of digital education, but these changes simply keep our concept of education rooted in the brick-and-mortar model.
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