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Colorado Elementary Schools Excited to Open New STEM Center

Swanson and Thompson Elementary schools in Arvada, Colorado, opened two new STEM Centers with great excitement this month.

The SmartLabs will provide students with the opportunity to learn the many essential skills they will need to succeed in the future workforce.

Shannon Feely, Digital Teacher Librarian, told the students in the grand opening ceremony that their STEM skills could lead to a cure for cancer, an end to cyber bullying and a new way to protect oceans from pollution, thus empowering them to do great things. Teachers are already seeing big benefits, their students are becoming risk-takers and collaborators.

Students at these JeffCo Public Schools are equally excited, with many students voicing feelings of freedom, self-expression and exploration. Little do they know, this program will become a pathway for them to attain the required skills necessary for an unknown future economy.

Jefferson County School District is made of 155 schools. JeffCo plans on opening more STEM Centers: two more elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in the near future.

The current plan is to build K-12 STEM pathways. Implementing these STEM Centers is the beginning of a vision, where kids can have STEM learning incorporated all throughout their education so they graduate with everything they need to solve the problems of the future.

The education investments were made possible by partnering with a few organizations, including the Gill Foundation, JeffCo Public Schools and the JeffCo School Foundation.

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