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May 2019 Featured Products: The Padcaster Collection and The Sphero Bolt Collection

As our way of introducing new kits to our customers, we have been offering discounts on a new product each month so far this year. This month, we have TWO discounted products! Savings of $324!

The Padcaster Collection offers students the ability to shoot, edit and produce professional quality video using an iPad and green screen. With this kit, students can learn about the production process. Students also plan and share their stories, report news, teach their peers and much more! This kit is small enough so students can produce videos in a studio or in the field. Students experience the roles of director, producer, editor and anchor!

Savings of $24!

The Sphero Bolt Collection allows students to draw, block or script code to program the Bolt to problem solve and preform complex tasks. The Bolt can be programmed to navigate the customizable terrain park and control the new LED matrix to collect and display real time data, design and display their own animations or program and play games. The infrared communication and built-in compass allows students to program and control multiples devises in swarms.

These kits couple with our new curriculum that customers already have access to. 

The Sphero Bolt Collection is 10% off this month only! For more information and ordering information, go to our Featured Products Page and place your order before June 1st.

Need more learning tools? Check out our Enhancement Catalog for more cool kits just like this one.

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Sienna Kozin

Written by Sienna Kozin

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