New SmartLab is Key to 21st Century Learning in Parochial Middle School

STEM_SmartLab_St-Athanasius_Illinois.jpgSt. Athanasius is a private pre-K through 8th grade parochial school in Evanston Illinois. Like many parochial schools across the country, they recognized the need for an expanded, modernized STEM education program for their students. 

“Prior to having the STEM labs, our tech classes were limited to K-6, and our 7th and 8th graders were not learning the tools they needed to succeed in 21st-century learning,” said St. Athanasius Assistant Principal Mary Quish.

After extensive research, St. Athanasius chose Creative Learning Systems SmartLabs to provide a STREAM program for elementary and middle school students to meet this critical educational need. 

With the extensive learning resources in the SmartLab, 7th & 8th grade science teacher Mary Vitaioli says that the new technology has increased student interest in science and math. In addition she says that the project-based learning method in the SmartLab is much more rewarding for students because it forces them to come up with solutions on their own, rather than relying on teacher assistance.

Learn more about how a SmartLab is helping St. Athanasius meet the 21st century learning needs of their students in this article from The Daily Northwestern. 
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