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Oklahoma High School Students Shining in Innovative STEM Program

Inola High School, in Oklahoma, is one of the many area schools with a SmartLab sponsored by MidAmerica Industrial Park (MAIP). They recently made a great video showcasing the students’ experiences in their STEM program. Students in the video say they they’ve gained more problem solving skills, self-discipline, trial and error experience, and are able to shine more in the STEM environment than in the traditional classroom. But don’t take our word for it, watch their video below.

Dr. Kent Holbrook, the Superintendent, says that so many students signed up for the STEM program class that they had to increase it from 3 classes per day to 5!

The STEM Facilitator, Todd Dixon, says both students that “are” and “are not” academically driven have the “light bulb” moments in the STEM lab. Dixon also explains that if the students fail, it does not matter. It only matters that the students learn from their failures. They don’t let the failure stop them from exploring, inventing and chasing ideas. No matter where the students end up, they’ve learned the process of solving problems.

Dr. Holbrook sees the SmartLab learning environment being at the forefront of how we chase education in the future.

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