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This is always an exciting time of year for us as new SmartLabs open with the start of the school year.  It's also an exciting time for many of the local communities as they get their first peek at their new SmartLabs.  Here are a few articles we've found in local press.  SmartLab programs can be hard for reporters to wrap their minds around and then summarize neatly.  We think these articles do it nicely.

 We recently installed a SmartLab in Davis Middle School in San Antonio, TX. The Davis SmartLab is the first of a district-wide SmartLab implementation in 11 of San Antonio ISD’s middle schools – a project made possible by passage of a school improvement bond in 2010. Texas Public Radio got a sneak-peek at the SmartLab before school opened.  Listen to what they had to say here.

 SmartLabs in the News Image copyright Texas Public Radio

The Coolidge Examiner reports on the new SmartLab at Imagine Schools' campus in Coolidge, Arizona here

And The Denver Post reports on the opening of Denver Public School's new middle/high school, the Denver Center for 21st Century Learning.  As the article explains, a SmartLab is a key element in the educational model of this innovative alternative school.

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