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SmartLabs Go to China

In 1987, Creative Learning Systems made history creating the first STEM lab in a U.S. public school. Now, the company is poised to break new ground by installing the first STEM lab in the People's Republic of China. This exciting development is the result of a new joint venture with Beijing Zonekey Education Technology Company.

Explaining why the company chose to partner with Zonekey for it's first international joint venture, Matthew Dickstein, CEO of Creative Learning Systems said, "We needed to find the right partner. Zonekey is well respected and established." Zonekey's CEO, Dongmao Song remarked, "In China, it is well known that American people started STEM education." He added, "There over 400,000 schools in China [with] over 200 million students, so China is a big market."

The first pilot programs in China are expected to open in early 2016.

Read more about this exciting development for the company here

SmartLabs Go to China Zonekey's Dongmao Song and Matthew Dickstein of Creative Learning Systems signing the Joint Venture Agreement in the company's Longmont, CO headquarters

Matt Dickstein

Written by Matt Dickstein

Matthew Dickstein, CEO of Creative Learning Systems, has been a successful entrepreneur in the field of education for over 25 years. Prior to joining CLS in 2004, he played key management roles in building National Technological University, a pioneer in the field of higher education distance learning, and ELS Language Centers, the largest teacher of intensive English language programs in the U.S. Matthew received a B.S. in business from the University of Colorado and holds an M.B.A from Harvard Business School.

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