Best Practices in Project-Based Learning for STEM Education

Smartlab-mindstorm2-1160.jpgDoes project-based learning play a role in your school or district educational mission? It should, because project-based learning is a highly effective approach to connect academic content with critical workplace skills like collaboration, communication and problem-solving. But what is considered project-based learning? Here’s a paragraph from a thoughtful article I recently read that examines that question:

“Broadly speaking, project-based learning is simply a method of structuring curriculum around projects. These projects highlight the process of learning itself by offering authentic, inquiry-based activities for learners to access content, share ideas, and revisit their own thinking.”

Of the three project-based learning styles described in the article, Creative Learning Systems focuses on a blend of challenge-based learning/problem-based learning and activity-based learning. This methodology allows the abilities and interests of each student to come together in a truly personalized learning experience. 

How successful is your school or district in implementing best practices in project-based learning? 

“Project-based learning is about the process, and projects are about the product that comes at the end. Project-based learning often requires students not simply to collect resources, organize work, and manage long-term activities, but also to collaborate, design, revise, and share their ideas and experiences with authentic audiences and supportive peer groups.”

So is your project-based learning actually a project? It's time to change that. 

Project-based learning is at the heart of every SmartLab learning experience along with STEM education. If you'd like to learn more, visit The SmartLab Approach to Project Based Learning or contact us today! 

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