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How a California Catholic School Engages Middle School Students Through STEM Education Program

Saint Junipero Serra Catholic School made a great video showcasing their SmartLab. Their SmartLab caters to all learners of all abilities from grades K-8 with hands-on STEM learning. The students are working with cutting-edge technologies so they will be able to learn whatever technology comes their way in their future careers. What students learn in the SmartLab is  reinforced and integrated in CORE classes. Students work together on projects to enhance their collaboration and communication skills so they can be ready for the workplace.

In the video our CEO, Matt Dickstein, points out that the job market is ever evolving with jobs that did not exist in previous years. This means we must prepare students for those future jobs that will continue to evolve. Employers are looking for skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication and adaptability. Matt says:

“You are only limited by your imagination and your determination. The question for you isn’t ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. The question is: ‘Who do you want to be?’, ‘What problems do you want to solve?’ And ‘how do you plan to solve them?'”.

Check out the video below on our YouTube channel!
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