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Soft Skill Development is Essential: Students Aren't Ready for the Workforce

soft skill developmentTeacher, Trevor Muir, wrote a blog on a thought-provoking topic; soft-skills are not necessarily “soft”, they should be called “essential skills”. To support that, 5 of the main reasons millennials get fired is due to lacking these essential skills. 

Those 5 include:

  • Lack of independence
  • Lack of confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of vision
Our society needs to take a new approach to these skills and make soft skill development an essential part of education, right next to English, math, science and history. Trevor’s point that there is nothing soft about getting fired, is a fantastic point. If employers are looking for these skills, why do they take a back seat in education? This issue is not the teacher’s fault, it is a systematic issue that needs correction for future generations to have success. Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, work ethic and confidence are essential skills for young people to have. To learn and master those skills, they need to play a large role in their education. 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers say that soft skills are just as important, if not more important than hard skills.

How are you preparing your students for the future?

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Sienna Kozin

Written by Sienna Kozin

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