Students in Rural Texas Exploring STEM Career Pathways with new SmartLab from QEP Resources

SmartLab-STEM-Local-District_thinks_outside-the-box-cbs7-grady-isd-texas.pngGrady Independent School District (ISD) is in the rural community of Lenore Texas, about 30 miles from Midland. Thanks to a generous grant from oil and gas exploration company QEP Resources, Grady ISD students can now explore exciting career pathways in STEM.

According to local CBS affiliate KOSA, the new SmartLab has put Grady on the map! KOSA also put together a wonderful video about the new SmartLab that includes interviews with students. You can watch it here.

Grady ISD Principal Gary Jones explained one of the many ways the new SmartLab is benefiting students, “It just gives them a sense of pride and lets them see things out there that they wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise.”

NOTE: The news story reports that Grady is one of only two SmartLabs in Texas. In fact, Creative Learning Systems currently has 38 SmartLabs in Texas.  

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