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Exploratory Play: More Than Sensory Development

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of LEGO. And I don’t just mean the plastic building blocks. I’ve loved the company and what it stands for since I wrote my first research paper on The LEGO Group when I was in middle school. After all, the company’s brand values focus on imagination, creativity, learning, and fun—exactly what I strive to do as an educator.
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Teaching on a High-Stakes Island

As the Professional Development Manager at Creative Learning Systems, I spend much of my time training and supporting teachers so they can successfully facilitate learning in our learning spaces, called SmartLabs. When SmartLab Facilitators are first trained, they spend four days learning about the philosophy, the approach, and all of the resources in the SmartLab.
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Good Learning Is Good Learning

Change is constant in education. Fads, philosophies, or software come along and promise to revolutionize the education landscape but few of those changes have a lasting impact. We’ve seen the rise of standards, of STEM, and of digital education, but these changes simply keep our concept of education rooted in the brick-and-mortar model.
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