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James Hart Celebrates SmartLab Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to James Hart School (Homewood, IL) on their official SmartLab ribbon cutting! Over 100 community members attended the celebration where students provided a program orientation and demonstrated their work.

The James Hart SmartLab was installed this summer and supports STEM and communication media arts programs for grades 6-8. 

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Authentic Assessment of STEM Learning

One of the most important advantages of personalized, project-based learning is the opportunity for authentic assessment: meaningful measurement of learning outcomes and learning process.

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Student Work Showcase from the Slater JHS STEM SmartLab!

A little over a year ago, I blogged about the Slater Jr. High School (Pawtucket, RI) SmartLab website.  Slater's Facilitator, John Martinelli, has now expanded the Weebly website with great examples of his student's work.  Check out all the engaging and diverse projects being explored by his learners! Read More

Introducing the SmartLab OnliIntroducing the SmartLab Online ePortfolio Systemne ePortfolio System

Earlier this month, we announced the availability of the our online ePortfolio system for SmartLab partner schools. 
Here's a video that explains the new system and its benefits in more detail.

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