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Herriman High School SmartLab Student Creates Prosthetic Hand

What can a talented and motivated learner achieve in a SmartLab?  How about creating a mechanical prosthetic hand for a young girl.  Check out this news feature on Herriman High School SmartLab student, Tanner Day.

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Student Ammon Love's STEM Education Experience in the SmartLab

As I’ve said before in this blog, it's all about the kids!

My absolute favorite thing to do is drop in on a SmartLab and ask the students, “what’ja doing?”   The learners are so enthusiastic and their project ideas are usually WAY more interesting than anything we come up with when developing the curriculum.   It's also wonderful when a student tells me the SmartLab is their favorite place in school - but I don’t expect them to think about what goes into creating a learning environment like the SmartLab.  Their job is to learn.

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