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Setting the Stage for Learning

Since 2017, I have read my way through 40–45 books by setting a goal using the Reading Challenges on Goodreads. With a 45-minute commute that reading has usually taken the form of listening to audiobooks (I’ve found that more valuable to me than the radio or music). Over the past month or so, my commute has been significantly shorter as I have taken the 20 steps from my bedroom to my temporary office.
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A Little Bit of Structure Is Good

When we were shopping for houses, one must-have characteristic for the neighborhood was to hear laughter and children at play—happy to say we found it. Now, when we go outside it’s rare for us to see another human, let alone a group of kids playing.
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Importance of Modeling as a Teaching Tool

Last week, in an attempt to maintain sanity, my wife and I took a break to play a game of charades. Edison watched closely and then repeated each clue—dancing like a monkey or flapping imaginary bird wings—in his own funny way. Of course, this imitation is both adorable and a natural stage of human development, but it reminded me of the importance of modeling as a teaching tool.
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Learning Tips for All Parents (Now Educators)

Parents, welcome to the world of education! I know this is a crash course, but you’re not alone—we’re here to help you transition. As a career educator, I’ve worked on the front lines of education, and I rely on my training and education every day. You may not have the same resources I have, but since all parents have now become educators and every home is now a classroom, we all need to get up to speed. Let’s start!
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