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Making Time to Play

When you think of play, what comes to mind? Perhaps you recall childhood memories of playing “the floor is lava.” Maybe you reminisce about that special toy you got for Christmas that one year. Or you remember playing dress-up while wearing oversized heels and skirts raided from the closet.
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Three Ways to Get Them College- and Career-Ready

As disruptive as COVID-19 is, I am also struck by the extraordinary things happening across the country. First, I learned that the auto industry in my region was retooling to build ventilators, and then I saw the video of Tesla’s engineers working to develop ventilators from car parts.
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Setting the Stage for Learning

Since 2017, I have read my way through 40–45 books by setting a goal using the Reading Challenges on Goodreads. With a 45-minute commute that reading has usually taken the form of listening to audiobooks (I’ve found that more valuable to me than the radio or music). Over the past month or so, my commute has been significantly shorter as I have taken the 20 steps from my bedroom to my temporary office.
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