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Sphero Goes to School

Sphero Goes To School

When the company behind Sphero, a programmable robotic ball, wanted to learn more about how their product could be used in schools, they looked to us and our SmartLab partner schools.  Sphero is an engaging app-enabled ball that was the…

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Jennifer Teaches Us Something New

Many schools are wary about allowing smartphones in the classroom; often for good reason. But we were recently reminded of another perspective on this issue. Jennifer, a student at Merrill Middle School in Denver, was working on her SmartLab HQ…

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Ronan Robotics Shines On!

In May, I shared that the robotics team from Ronan High School SmartLab in Montana were named world champions. Now we learn that Ronan has received an invitation to exhibit their winning design in the Smithsonian Institution. The robot will be…

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