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Teaching on a High-Stakes Island

As the Professional Development Manager at Creative Learning Systems, I spend much of my time training and supporting teachers so they can successfully facilitate learning in our learning spaces, called SmartLabs. When SmartLab Facilitators are first trained, they spend four days learning about the philosophy, the approach, and all of the resources in the SmartLab.
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Three Tools to Combat Social Isolation in the Digital Classroom

Amidst nationwide social-distancing recommendations and widespread school closures, our kids are struggling to adjust to a new normal. So much is changing in their lives: their daily routine, the people they see and interact with, even the availability of their favorite snacks or meals. As we settle into new routines and figure out how to complete work and school from home, it’s important to consider the social and emotional impact this pandemic will have.
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(More) Lessons on Learning with a 2-Year-Old

Last week, I shared that learning will happen—no matter what you do. I hope that statement provides you with some comfort in today’s craziness. But I also recognize that teachers and parents are scouring the internet for resources to help kids stay engaged in learning, despite the changes we’re experiencing during the pandemic.
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